v5.01 - December 2019


  • New EDB sources user interface.
  • Indico Validation now completely Java free
  • Optimized EDB search for roads in Gauss and OSPM.
  • Highcharts graphs (Time Series and Polar Frequency) added.
  • Improved UI for Dispersion. Add/Edit/Delete EDB sources from Viewer.
  • Improved field import in Dispersion.
  • Import interfaces for Shape files of Points, Roads and Grids in EDB.
  • Introducing better handling of simulations fixing earlier problems of difficulties terminating large runs. Also possible to limit number of cores per role.
  • Possibility to switch map in viewport (OSM or local map).
  • Optimization of Gauss model runs using EDB search for point sources.
  • Optimization of database usage by the model preprocessor.
  • New data collection user interface.