ENAP BioBio refinery

ENAP Bío Bío is an oil refinery, located 500 km south of Santiago de Chile. ENAP Bío Bío uses a number of Airviro applications since more than 15 years for air quality and noise management.

ENAP Bío Bío needed an integrated application for environmental management in an industrial environment, a system that can easily be integrated with other systems and data loggers; which is why they selected Airviro.

Adaptations of the system

Several adaptations of the Airviro system have been made to accommodate the special needs of ENAP Bío Bío. An interface to the OSIsoft PI System has been developed which receives the emission information from chimneys and flares, thus fuelling the online database Airviro emissions (EDB). This in turn makes online dispersions calculations possible.

A safer environment for workers and the community

ENAP Bío Bío is located close to the city of Talcahuano : Knowing the impact from the emissions from the refinery at specific geographic locations is critical to the authority and the community. Applications have been developed using the Dispersion module from Airviro to know where maximum impact points are located.

ENAP Bío Bío has a module in Airviro called Forecast, where 24 and 48 hours of meteorological forecast information is acquired from providers, giving the plant safety and environmental operating conditions.

The HeavyGas application is used to perform failure analysis of the multiple plants and pipelines that integrate the petrochemical complex. This provides relevant information for the security action plan and plant evacuation in case of accidents.

Airviro’s publishing tool

Using Airviro’s publishing tool (APUB), ENAP Bío Bío can present air quality and noise information on websites with both intranet and extranet access. The SINCA Portal is used for sending online information to the appropriate authority.