The Indico Alarm module keeps you informed of the status of your monitoring stations and the data they are collecting.

Using the Alarms module, custom alarms can be set to alert the user of events that needs to be followed up on. Alarms can be set for time series, Airviro stations and the devices used for connecting between the stations. If an alarm goes off, an e-mail is sent automically with information of what has happened. It is possible to define several levels of severity, from Warning to Alert and Alarm, with different measures taken at each level.

For time series data, alarms can be set to trigger at a number of meteorological conditions and pollution levels. Warnings can for example be sent if the wind changes to a specific direction, if it starts to rain heavily or if the concentration of NOx exceeds the recommended levels. For Airviro stations, alarms can be set to warn when the communication with the station goes down.