v3.22 - May 2012


  • New function ShipAir that enables the possibility to collect data from AIS-transponders and store coordinates of ships in time series database for use in EDB and Dispersion (Airviro Gauss)


  • New graph type Breuer Frequency
  • Configurable date format in graphs
  • Auto-scale now works for all graph types (Diurnal, Weekly, Yearly, Scatter and Breuer)


  • New point source structure with Company -> Facility -> Source hierarchy
  • Emission calculation with timeout handling to cope with calculations that lasts longer than 2 minutes that would otherwise cause an http timeout
  • Support for point sources with coordinates from time series (ShipAir)


  • Export of IsoColor as Shape now possible
  • Airviro Gauss model now support ship sources (moving point sources)