Data Collection

Indico Data Collection is a high quality collection system that supports many different collection protocols as listed below. It is also easy to add additional protocols, if needed.

The data collection is done through a standard modem, GSM modem, radio modem, GPRS technology or TCP/IP.

List of protocols supported in Airviro Data Collection
Logger/Instrument Protocol name Airviro Protocol Description
EcoRemote DMS/Asynk-link dms Phillips DMS loggers
Campbell CR10 Campbell binary Cam Old Campbell loggers.
Campbell CR200, CR1000 BMP5/Pakbus Cam2 New generation of Campbell loggers.
ESC 8800, 8816, 8832 - Esc ESC loggers.
Envidas - Envid Envidas loggers.
Horiba Extended Bavarian-Hessen Horiba Horiba loggers and instruments.
OPSIS OPSIS ops OPSIS logger and analyzers.
Odessa - Odessa Odessa loggers.
Osiris, Topas Turnkey Communications Protocol Osiris Osiris and Topas instruments
Dasibi Dasibi Std  
WebLogger WebLog WebLog Communication with WebLogger central system via FTP.
Monitor Labs/Monitor Europe - ML ML9800 interface
API M100, M200, M300, M400 - Inst1 API instruments
R&P, FDMS - Inst1 R&P and FDMS instruments.
Thermo 42i, 43i, 48i, 49i Thermo C-link Thermo, Inst1 Thermo instruments.
Met1, BAM1020 - Met1, Inst1 Met1 and BAM instruments.