A comprehensive data collection system with several automatic functions for reporting

Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) has been using the Airviro System since 1993. The Airviro System is responsible for handling the 14 ambient air quality monitoring stations island-wide. The Airviro System is used for data collection, automatic validation, storing, and reporting. The large number of reports is automatically produced and consists of standard and specially designed reports. The continuously calculated Pollution Standard Index (PSI) is used as an easy-to-understand presentation of the ambient air quality situation to the media and general public. The PSI is of particular interest during haze episodes when it is used for health warnings. The PSI is also distributed to media like radio and TV and the PSI figure is continuously displayed on TV during haze episodes.

A reading of 0 - 50 is good, while anything between 101-200 is unhealthy. The index's all-time high reading of 226 was recorded in 1997, when the region's skies were choked by thick smog from forest fires in Indonesia.

NEA also uses the Airviro System for emission database build-up and dispersion modeling calculations.

The Airviro System at NEA is Internet based which means that the staff can access the applications both from their workplace as well as from home. The latter is of utmost importance during e.g. haze episodes when NEA is at high alert following up the situation and development of the PSI.

NEA has put very stringent requirement on the accessibility of the monitoring data. This requirement has been met by a dual system set-up with “main” and “back-up” hardware systems. Once the “main” system is malfunctioning for some reason, the “back-up” system automatically takes over all data handling functions.