Ventanas industrial complex

Ventanas is an industrial complex consisting of several companies of different nature. The Airviro system was selected by Codelco Ventanas Division, a company engaged in copper anodes melting, and AES Gener, an electricity generating company. They use Airviro for network operation, to receive information, validate data and generate useful information of the environmental conditions including alarms and reports.

The Ventanas air quality monitoring network consists of eight stations that measure gases and particulate matter (PM10, PM25) continuously. Airviro collects this information online (with a minute resolution) after that publicated them for the community and in the control rooms (plants)

Ventanas has integrated Airviro standard modules with an alarm module, which can generate alarms from the operation network. This information is essential for the plants’ operations for both companies inside the complex. More than 200 alarms have been implemented to provide information about:

  • Communication between stations
  • Condition alarms (e.g. specific wind directions during daytime generates an alarm)
  • Exceeding alarms; alarms that are generated for various levels of excess - both maximums and minimums are considered

Public presentation

Air quality data is made available for the community through a website (link), using Airviro’s publishing tool (APUB). This website is possible to manage using Airviro .

Interfaces and others adaptations

Airviro Ventanas send all the air quality information to the OSIsoft PI system through the use of PI-Airviro interface. Similarly emission information from the complex is received via the PI System. By the other hand, using the distribution mechanism in Airviro is possible to send the online information to SINCA (National System for air quality).

Finally, a special module for Airviro has been designed, that allows the Ventanas companies to keep track of all the maintenance, calibration and operation actions for the stations, in accordance and under the national requirements (Decree Law N° 61 Chile's Health Ministry).