Post processing

A number of tools are available for analysis and post processing of results from dispersion simulations.

Spatial Analysis

Produces average and extreme value fields from a time series.

Result adjustment

Adjustment of a model result using monitored data from one or several stations. The main reason is to take the background concentration into account. Adjusting a dispersion result is a suitable way to interpolate concentrations between monitoring stations. It can also be seen as a way to merge model results with monitoring data.

Time series export

Extracts a time series from a model result at a specified receptor point. The exported time series is stored in the time series data base. This tool makes it possible to compare simulation results with monitoring data using the complete toolset available in Indico Presentation.


Arithmetic operations on model results. This tool is for example used to combine several different model results. It is common to model the contribution for different source categories separately, and the combine the results using this tool.

Split / Merge

For time-consuming calculations it is sometimes convenient to divide the simulation into several shorter simulations. This makes it possible to check the quality of the results without loosing time waiting for the complete calculation to finish. The separate simulations can then be merged using this tool. The tool can also be used to split long time series calculations into shorter pieces.