A comprehensive data collection and data presentation system

The Stockholm – Uppsala Air Quality Management Association was founded in 1992 by 14 municipalities in the Stockholm county. Today 35 municipalities, the two county councils, institutes, companies and civil service departments located in the counties collaborates in the Association in order to coordinate the air quality monitoring in the region.

By cooperating in the Association the municipalities, county councils and other operators in the region get a good picture of the air quality and how pollution levels are affected by different decisions. The main objectives the Stockholm – Uppsala Air Quality Management Association are to

  • map air pollutants, control air quality and check the air quality standards
  • making environmental and health impact assessments in urban planning as well as other activities that need environmental and/or health impact consequence analyses
  • contribute to research on health and air pollution
  • provide the public and authorities information on air quality

The operator of the associations regional system for air quality monitoring and surveillance has since the start 1992 been SLB•analys. SLB analys, a division within the Environment and Health Administration of Stockholm, is contracted by the Association and operates the daily activity.

The models and emissions databases are also used in research and education by Department of Applied Environmental Science at Stockholm university. Air quality model calculations have been the basis for population exposure calculations in several epidemiological studies (in co-operation with the Karolinska Institute and Umeå university) and other health assessment studies.

On their web page the Stockholm – Uppsala Air Quality Management Association provides meteorological and air quality information for the public. Information about the monitoring stations, abatement strategies, air quality standards etc are also presented on the web page.