Waved is a tool that integrates the Airviro time series database into MS Excel®. The following tasks can be easily performed:

  • With Waved you can use the whole power of MS Excel® with data from the fast and compact time series database of Airviro. Once you have the data in your MS Excel® workbook, you can either use the excellent reporting features of MS Excel® or easily cut and paste the data to other reporting tools.
  • With Waved you can store any time series data in the Airviro database. You are not limited to the storage of data collected with Airviro.
  • With Waved it is easier to edit data. You just export the data to MS Excel®, make the changes there and import the data back to Airviro.

How does it work?

Dialogs for Airviro time series database access are added to the MS Excel® interface. Just choose import or export, select a number of time series from Airviro and the transfer will take place instantly. No difficult commands to get data to and from Airviro, just a few clicks. The transfer of data between MS Excel® and Airviro is done either directly through the local area network or by a dial-up network modem connection.