Web publishing

Airviro’s publishing tool for the web allows you to present your latest collected data, as well as the historic, in a customised and pedagogic way to a wider audience.

Once in place at your web site, the publication module allows you to present your meteorological, emission and air quality data to external stakeholders, such as policy makers and the public. When a new measurement has been registered in the Airviro database it instantly occurs on your web site in comprehensible interactive graphs.

Customised presentation

Depending on what data you collect and your objectives, you decide what you want to publish and how it will appear on your site. You can pick and choose from your parameters, filter faulty measurements and set the appearance of the graphs. You can choose from a set of standard views or customise your own presentation. We can help you to design a presentation that will go well with your web design.

Export reports and graphs

Both historic and your latest data can be made available via a direct link to the Airviro database. Viewers can download time series and high resolution graphs of your environmental data in Excel, text and Pdf format.