v3.14 - Jan 2009


  • Added Waved support for https and use of different port
  • Interpolation between scaling records now possible
  • New scaling model added: Vscaled = (Vraw - Lm)*Lk
  • Great improvements in Indico Validation: Variable zoom, floating window showing values at mouse pointer, show raw data, etc


  • Added Wedbed support for https and use of different port
  • Introduced auto-level for color scale option for search results


  • Storage limit for Time series of fields now removed
  • Support for multiple climatology sets, mast sets in Airviro wind model
  • Indexing of time series results now possible for fast random access
  • New result type for roads included in storage and presentation
  • Added OSPM street canyon model and SMHI OpenRoad model for open roads
  • Quick re-sampling of result fields now possible
  • Improved simulation server allocation
  • Nesting of model runs in unlimited number of steps now supported
  • Emission fields now stored in model result along with the concentrations
  • Improved post-processing enhanced function, i.e. to adjust a result field using monitoring values in one or more points
  • Adjustable contrast and brightness for maps