v4.00 - January 2015


  •  New UI design:
    • New UI components (slider, tree-control, etc)
    • Fix size with expand/full-screen possibilities for some pages.
  • Use of PNG instead of GIF for maps and overlays. This enables the use of more colors in the images and semi-transparent overlay images.
  • Use of anti-aliasing in map overlays in both text and graphics gives smoother appearance.
  • Unlimited size of time series database (former limit of table size to 2 GB  is gone).
  • Signed Java applets.
  • Java RemScript applet replaced with JavaScript object.


  • Alarms visible in Indico Validation.
  • Synchronous mode in cold to allow exact timing of data collection.


  • Scenario for all models.
  • Added accumulation type "Full" which means that you can accumulate the whole time period into one value (Min, Max, Mean, Sum, Cnt, Percentile).
  • Ensemble model - Possibility to run 5 models in parallel and compare results: (SH) SMHI Gauss, (EU) SMHI Grid, (AM) US/EPA AERMOD, (AM) US/EPA CALPUFF, (AU) Austal 2000.
  • New Austal 2000. Faster and produces time series as output.
  • Noise Screening model.
  • Field statistics in Dispersion Viewer making it possible to see Average, Min, Max, Location of Max and Sum.