Update on the Airviro course in Cheshire

Due to the small number of confirmed participants for the Airviro training course scheduled for October 2016 in Cheshire, we have decided to alter the contents of the training.

The course will now be held during October 25-27 in Cheshire. The training will be held by Per Ivarsson, and Airviro 4 will be used during the demonstrations and exercises.

It is possible to join for any number of days for a cost of 5 000 SEK/day. The training is divided as follows:

  • October 25: Introduction for new users.
  • October 26: Walkthrough of functionality added with late versions of v3.23 and v4.0 suitable for new and existing users.
  • October 27: For administrators and advanced users that want to understand the details of the system.

Please send your registration to Per Ivarsson at pi@apertum.se by September 4 at the latest.

The new course plan

Day 1 - Basic user training

  • Indico Presentation
  • EDB
    Point sources
    Area sources
    Road sources
  • Dispersion
    Point sources
    Area sources
    Road sources

Day 2 - User training

  • Indico validation
  • Waved
  • EDB
    Wedbed and grid sources
  • Dispersion
    Post processing
    Inhomogeneous grids
    Nesting with OSPM

Day 3 - Basic system administration

  • Airviro Access Methods
  • Operating System Necessities
  • Airviro Structure
  • Services
  • Modules
  • Airviro Databases
  • Time Series Database
  • IADM
  • EDB
  • Data Collection
  • Dispersion